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John Rallo Reviews The Performance By Ronda Rousey Over The Weekend

John Rallo is the owner and promoter of Shogun Fights a local MMA faction.

John joined Ed and Ken to talk about the Ronda Rousey domination at UFC 190.

Ken asked John about the Rousey v. Correia fight Saturday night. John was impressed with Rousey's performance stating that she "went out there and ran through the opposition. The thing I did notice is she's been working her hands."

Ed asked John about his perspective on how dominant Ronda Rousey has been and the level of her opponents. John believes that Rousey's biggest competition could be Cris "Cyborg" Justino, stating "the fight we all want to see is Cyborg vs Rousey." John doesn't believe that Rousey could dominate Cyborg like she has her previous opponents, "Ronda can't man handle Cyborg."

John went on to talk about the prelims to the Rousey v Correia fight, as well as the global expansion and current state of the UFC. John also discussed the increased popularity of MMA among women, crediting Ronda Rousey as the reason for the increased awareness of the sport.

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