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Jon Bones Jones Talks UFC 20th Anniversary

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Bones Jones joined Norris and Davis to promote the 20 year anniversary of UFC.

Jon joins the Norris and Davis show to talk with Steve and Ed about his career in the UFC and his potential upcoming fights.

Jon Bones Jones

Steve:  Your Brother Art plays football for the Ravens and Chandler plays for the Patriots, how did you get into fighting?

Jon:  I tried football but I was just terrible at it.  I couldn't get the plays down on offense so they put me on the D line, which is how I got the name Bones because I was so skinny out there.  I just wasn't good at football, but I was a really good wrestler thought  so I got into that and then just gravitated to MMA.

Ed:  Can you tell the story about when you meditated and than ran down a purse snatcher?

Jon:  Well about 4 hours before one of my championship fights, I go to this park with some of my coaches to get a little meditation and we kind of stumble on a crime scene and so we talk to these people and they point in the direction so I took off running and I caught up with the guy and held him down until the police got there

Ed:  When was your last fight, and how was it?

Jon:  My last fight was with Alex Gustafsson, he was a monster at like 6'5 and he bloodied me up pretty bad man I'm glad that fight is over.  I'm usually the biggest and tallest in the ring and it was different fighting such a physically imposing guy.

Steve:  How much do you weigh?

Jon: 230

Steve:  Your brothers are pretty big too, when was the last time you and your brothers got into a fight?

Jon: Me and Chandler teamed up on Art once and beat him up pretty bad we were about 14 or 15 years old.

Ed:  the 20th anniversary of UFC is coming up this weekend, whats your take on the match between GSP and Johnny Hendrix?

Jon:  I think GSP will win this weekend, they guy has been a champion for 7 years, I just cant bet against a guy like that.

Steve:  So whats your reason for coming to Baltimore?

Jon:  I'm promoting the 20th anniversary of the UFC, GSP is fighting Hendrix, its going to be a great night.  I'm also promoting EA sports, which I just made the cover of the UFC video game and am very excited about, you know we just partnered with them and its a great thing for the sport.

Steve:  Your 26 right? how long do you plan to fight?

Jon:  I'm 26 right now.  I think a man can be in his fighting prime until his mid 30's.  Saying that though I would like to retire by 30, so a few more years.

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