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Johns Hopkins Offers Top-Of-The-Line Care For Pets

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--Imagine your cat--having a CT scan.

Jessica Kartalija explains, it's happening at one of the best hospitals in the world, right here in Baltimore.

Hard to believe, but now your pets can get also get top of the line medical care at Johns Hopkins.

A little anesthesia and this lady, named Lola, is out.

Just like we sometimes need image-guided procedures, our pets do too.

"We use our advanced imaging facility--such as MRI and CT to image patients who are sick and try and diagnose disease," said Dr. Rebecca Krimins, Veterinary Anesthesiologist.

Dr. Rebecca Krimins is a Veterinary Anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins, where veterinarians, MRI techs, and nurses make up the team at the center for image-guided animal therapy.

"We can see brain tumors, herniated discs, orthopedic injuries we can look at blood vessels and lots of issues like that, said Dr. Krimins. Advanced imaging allows them to diagnose the disease without invasively looking into the patient."

Veterinarians, around Maryland have access to the Hopkins facility.

Lola's doctor, Larry Gainsburg runs a practice in Catonsville.

"She's a nine-year-old dog who very recently had an onset of a seizure disorder, said Gainsburg. We wanted to get her in to determine if we could find a cause for the seizures."

While Lola probably never expected she'd have a "cat scan" the procedure can save her life.

"As far as the imaging we have access to--really the best equipment you can get access to," Gainsburg said.

As for Lola, CT-scan behind her now, it's back to chasing cats.

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