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Johns Hopkins And UMMS To Send More Than $4 Million In Medical Supplies To Ukraine

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine are donating more than $4 million in medical supplies to Ukraine to support its citizens as Russia invades and destroys their country. 

The two health care systems have partnered together to ensure that doctors, nurses, medics, and other people who provide medical assistance can continue to help civilians and military personnel who have been impacted by the violence stemming from the war launched by Moscow, according to hospital staff. 

The multimillion donation includes airway aspirators, medical air compressors, beds, oxygen concentrators, positive pressure ventilators, face masks, face shields, respirator kits, gowns, gloves, and syringes, hospital staff said. 

These items will allow first responders to address the urgent medical needs of Ukrainians and other people fleeing from the Russian invasion, according to hospital staff. 

Ukrainians in Maryland told WJZ the supplies can't come soon enough.

"Don't send us food, don't send us clothes, don't send us toys or something, the only thing we need to save lives right now is medical supplies," said Oleh Voloshyn, who was born in Ukraine.

Mohan Suntha, President and CEO of UMMS, said that the medical system may send additional supplies to the Ukrainians in the future. 

"The people of Ukraine have demonstrated incredible bravery in the face of this terrible, unprovoked violence and they deserve the support from organizations like ours that are committed to the health and safety of all people," Suntha said. 

Kevin Sowers, the president of the Johns Hopkins Health System and executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine, said the medical supplies will go towards protecting human life and honoring the courageous spirit of the Ukrainians. 

"To have worked for the last two years to protect and preserve lives during a global pandemic only to watch this descent into a war that is costing innocent people their lives is heartbreaking," Sowers said. 

The large donation of medical supplies is the latest effort by Marylanders to support Ukraine during its time of duress.

Baltimoreans have been searching for ways to show their support from afar. 

Over the past few weeks, they have donated supplies, attended prayer vigils, protested the war, and organized fundraisers. 

Since last Friday and until further notice, buildings on the University of Maryland Medical System's campus and the Johns Hopkins Hospital dome on Orleans Street have been lit in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag. 

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