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John Unitas Jr On His New Book Johnny U And Me The Man Behind The Golden Arm

John Unitas Jr is the son of Baltimore Colts legend Johnny U.

John joined Ed and Steve to talk about his new book 'Johhny U And Me: The Man Behind The Golden Arm' about growing up with his famous father.

John started by talking about what the book is intended for saying "I wanted to humanize him more then people capture where he was's about our life growing up in the 60's which was a more care free time." When asked about Johnny U being upset about not being put into Super Bowl 3 earlier John talked about how Johnny U was told he would go in at the start of the second half then the coach Shula kept delaying until it was too late. John said that Jets players he ran into in the future were scared that Johnny U would be put in earlier and that the Colts probably would have won had that been the case.

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