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Joe Linta Agent For Joe Flacco Defends His Comments About Ravens Front Office

Joe Linta who is Joe Flacco's agent joined Bob & Steve to talk about his comments calling the Ravens front office decision to wait to give Flacco an extension "never in my life seen a dumber move".

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
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Steve asked Joe about his comments and what he meant by saying it. Joe said the USA Today called him about a story on agents, and it segued to a conversation about how Joe was doing. Joe said that he was responding to comments that Flacco was greedy and was the reason the Ravens roster had been dismantled. Joe said it's not news to the Ravens he had already told them that.

Joe Linta

Bob asked Joe what he thought about seeing the headlines. Joe said his first thought was it must have been a slow news weekend where news outlets needed something to talk about it.

Steve asked Joe if he has any regrets about the way he said his comments. Joe said maybe he should have said well I think they were wrong, but Joe said it's part of the business that you have disagreements with people and it's nothing personal. Joe then said if this was said in the middle of the season no one would care but it was at a downtime for football so it's been sensationalized.

Joe then went on to say that the Ravens and he and Flacco all walked away from the table a year ago. Both sides are going to blame each other and point the finger at the other side.

Finally Steve asked Joe if he is worried about his relationship with the Ravens and if he'll get any more deals with the team. Joe said he is not worried and sarcastically said if he needs to issue a public apology than so be it he will, "I'm Sorry".

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