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Joe Giglio From Bleacher Report Joins Scott And Jeremy

Joe Giglio, From Bleacher Report Joins Scott And Jeremy

Joe Giglio, baseball writer from Bleacher Report came onto the Scott Garceau Show today to talk baseball with Scott and Jeremy.

"It's a big loss." Giglio said about the Orioles losing gold glove catcher Matt Wieters to Tommy John surgery. "There's no doubt about that, especially because of how well Matt Wieters had hit earlier this season, his offense really took a jump the level so many of us expected it to be when he came up from the minor leagues all those years ago. He was hitting like that star, that all-around star everyone said he was going to be, and it's unfortunate to have to watch his season end."

Giglio also spoke about the recent passing of hall of famer Tony Gwynn. "It's a sad day, there's no doubt about that for baseball. Jeremy, you and I are the same generation, close to the same age, and we got to watch Gwynn in his prime be a great hitter for the San Diego Padres, and he was to San Diego what Cal Ripken was in terms of that franchise player to Baltimore … This was a special hitter and a rare hitter. He had years where he had more doubles than strikeouts. I saw a stat today where he faced Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez combined over a hundred times in his career, never struck out against either, just an amazing hitter."

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