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JHU Student Struck By Car In February Dies Peacefully

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A bicyclist struck by a car back in February died from his injuries Wednesday morning.  Now Nathan Krasnopoler's family is speaking out, hoping something comes from their loss. 

Meghan McCorkell spoke with his family.

Krasnopoler was riding in a bike lane when a car turning right hit him.  Krasnopoler, an avid bicyclist, was following the rules of the road.  Now his family hopes his death sparks change.

Mitchell Krasnopoler will never see his son Nathan graduate from college.

"Nothing can comfort your loss, this worst loss," he said.

A car hit the 20-year-old Hopkins student while he was on his bike February 26.  The 83-year-old driver told police she saw him but turned anyway.

"She realized he was there and then she forgot all about him.  You know, she just was not paying attention," Mitchell Krasnopoler said.

"I try not to bike through here, but I thought today it would be appropriate to," said Venkatesh Srinvas.

Srinvas took an emotional ride Wednesday to honor his friend.

"He was a fun guy, really, really bright.  Pretty much everyone I knew really liked him," he said.

A ghost bike remains at the scene where Krasnopoler was hit.  His family is now hoping his death enacts change.  They'd like older drivers re-tested by the DMV.

"I mean, you get a driver's license when you're 16, and you're really never tested again.  That just doesn't seem right to us and that may have prevented Nathan's tragedy," Mitchell Krasnopoler said.

Marshall Troutner, whose mother held a special ride for Nathan, thinks it's a good idea.

"I don't see why not.  People change over time, and things can happen.  I wouldn't think it's unreasonable," he said.

The driver who hit Nathan permanently gave up her license as part of a settlement.

"It does help that she is not driving anymore," Mitchell Krasnopoler said.

His family has established The Nathan Krasnopoler Memorial Fund at the Whiting School of Engineering, which will benefit the student chapter of Association for Computing Machinery. Click here to donate.

Krasnopoler's funeral will be held Friday.

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