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Jeremy Conn: Orioles' Gold Glove Winners

I was happier than a pig in mud, when I found out Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis both won Gold Gloves. Both of the players are winning the first gold glove of their careers.

Markakis winning a gold glove was long overdue. We can finally say 2110 Eutaw street is paved with gold. Think about all the great catches he has made in right field and we all know he has the best arm when it comes to outfield assists or keeping runners from advancing.

Take a look at what Matt Wieters did this year, three words ring true... DON"T. RUN. EVER. It's awesome to watch him work behind the plate. He was phenomenal throwing out runners and I loved watching him call a game with a sub par pitching staff. So intelligent for being this young.

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