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Jeremy Conn: More Important Than Sports...

Many of you are my friends and some just listen to me on the radio.  I ask that you please read this....

Last November, my wife Katie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Needless to say we were a bit shell-shocked when we found out and it left us thinking where do we go from here?  Being diagnosed with M.S is not a death sentence but obviously it's not something we planned for.  Currently my wife is taking a needle every morning and doing very well.  The needles are painful and sometimes leave welts but right now those are the only side effects.  Everyday I wish I could trade places with her but all I can do is be there to support her and help with the injections.

I hate seeing bad things happen to good people.  I like to think im a good person, but my wife is 10 times the person I could ever be.  Anyone that has ever been around my wife Katie will tell you that she is the most caring, wonderful and unselfish person.  My wife possess true beauty.  She is very easy on the eyes, but its her heart that makes her special.  Below is the email my wife wrote to her family and friends about the bike ride she is going to do to raise money.  We are both trying to raise my money and just as important, awareness of the disease.  I hate asking people to reach into their pocket, but at a minimum if you could share this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the email my wife wrote to our friends and family that I wanted to extend to you all:

Dear Friends and Family,

I am very excited and proud to say that I am participating in Bike MS: Chesapeake Challenge 2014! I am asking you to Join the Movement® by making a contribution to support my efforts.

The National MS Society is committed to building a movement by and for people with MS that will move us closer to a world free of this disease. Donations collected for Bike MS continuously fund research for a cure, while also providing services and support for those currently living with MS. I am riding this year because I believe in the mission of the National MS Society. More than 2.1 million people are affected by MS worldwide and every donation will help us END MS forever.

The movement has become personal for me! As many of you know, I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It has been the love and support of my friends and family that has helped me deal with the initial shock of such a diagnosis. Fortunately, I feel great and I am ready to challenge myself with this bike ride. I know this will be an extraordinary experience, and I am so excited to be a part of it. There is a video on YouTube that inspired me to join the movement, if you want to check it out!

Please help by making a donation or joining my team.

Join me, and together we can create a world free of MS. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. It truly means the world to me! I will keep you posted on my progress.


Katie Conn
Go to my personal page and make a secure, online donation.

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