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Jeremy Conn: Breaking Down The AFC Championship

So we have Manning Vs Brady 17.... I know a lot of people have penciled the Patriots into the Superbowl already, but I really believe the Broncos are going to win this game.

This isn't bias or my love for Peyton Manning talking here...I think Peyton will do just enough on offense, but I believe this game will be won on the defensive side of the ball.  Pro Football Focus graded the Broncos defense out as the best unit in the NFL.

We all know the Patriots can't run the football, so they are probably going to throw it 60 times in the game.  They couldn't run the football when they had Blount in the lineup, they are definitely not running it with that group they have now.  A healthy Patriots team traveled to Denver at the end of November and lost in overtime 30-24 against the Broncos.  Gronkowski got called for a questionable offensive Pass Interference call late in the game that allowed Denver to get the ball back and take the lead.

Peyton Manning did not play in that game. Brock Osweiler didn't play great, but if Demaryius Thomas doesn't drop a half dozen passes then maybe the game wouldn't have been as close.

Both teams will make adjustments, but in my opinion a one dimensional offense against the best defense in the league is not a recipe for success.  I'll take the Broncos 19-16.

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