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Jason La Canfora Has Concerns On Both Sides Of The Ball For The Ravens

Jason La Canfora called into the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk Tom Brady, Dez Bryant, and concerns regarding the Ravens.

When asked about his thoughts of the Brady Deflate gate case Jason regarded, "It could be weeks until we get any real news from Roger Goodell. I don't anticipate a final decision until much later on. If anything less than them throwing the case out, you can expect Tom Brady to take this to court." "If he fights this, he'll fight it all the way."

Dez Bryant has not participated in minicamps thus far, but he doesn't think it will be an issue come the regular season.

"Ultimately, there are 17 game checks on the line. Nothing is greatened beyond that, coming in at about $750,000 a pop. If I was him, as a franchise player, I'm not showing up during the spring, I won't sign anything until the last moment, but it's all about July 15th. That's the deadline to extend franchise players. If nothing is taken care of at that point there will be a lot of hemming and hawing, and posturing, but ultimately, it's still 13 million dollars, which is the biggest payday he's ever gotten. Additionally, if he plays it out, and continues to perform, and worst case, he gets franchised again."

La Canfora has a few major concerns about both sides of the ball for the Ravens.

"I have two major questions about the Ravens; who's catching the ball, and who's rushing the passer? I don't think Suggs and Dumervil will produce close to 30 sacks. I think it'd be wise to predict a decline in play in those two. Perriman and Williams are wildcards too. They're untested in this level, and they have things they need to improve on. "

For more listen to the Scott Garceau Show on 1057 the fan and don't forget to follow them on Twitter: @ScottG2011 and @JeremyConn1057.

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