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Jason Catania Talks MLB Hot Stove

Jason Catania with joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to give us the latest news around the MLB Hot Stove.

The off-season signing season has begun and Jordan Zimmerman broke the ice for starting pitchers in the free agent market. The two-time All Star landed a 5-year $110 million contract from the Detroit Tigers. Jason gives his thoughts on the signing, "I think it was a good deal for both parties. I think it was about what Zimmerman is worth. I don't think they overpaid him crazy compared to what some of these other guys (David Price, Zack Greinke) are going to get. The Tigers window of opportunity is closing but I think they still have enough talent to try and win now. I think they need to address the pitching rotation and Zimmerman will do that. He slots in right at the top of the rotation with Verlander and Anibal Sanchez so I think it was a pretty good move all around."

Johnny Cueto has reportedly turned down an offer from the Diamondbacks worth $120 million over 6 years. Scott Garceau asked Jason who he would rather sign; Cueto or Zimmerman? "I think personally I would rather have Zimmerman. He has been a little bit healthier over the last 4-5 years. He's a similar type of pitcher. I think Cueto has been better when he's been healthy but Cueto gives me a little bit of angst with injuries. If he is going to cost more than Zimmerman is than I think I'd rather have Zimmerman but it's pretty much the same type of player."

Regarding the Orioles off-season, Jeremy Conn asked Jason what he thinks Baltimore will do in free agency. "There are still reports that they are trying to make some major move whether it is a Chris Davis (signing) or a big name front-line arm like Johnny Cueto. There was a report recently that they were linked to eyeing some outfield help. I think that is what I have been looking at is adding two or three names from the bargain bin guys (Doug Fister, Gerardo Parra, Denard Span) and if they can get a big name guy who is around a $100 million a year player if they actually have that in the budget, it makes sense but I think you'll see two or three small moves who hopefully will work out well. These bargain bin players can actually really pay off."

Listen to the full interview here and don't forget to follow Scott and Jeremy on twitter @ScottGShow1057 and @JeremyConn1057


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