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ISIS Graffiti In Washington, D.C. Puts FBI On Alert

WASHINGTON (WJZ)—The FBI is on alert after a troubling case of vandalism in Washington, D.C. Graffiti has surfaced that shows support for ISIS.

Mary Bubala reports this comes as the agency is concerned about home grown terrorists.

"It's strange. I don't know why anyone would do that," a woman said.

The graffiti on a D.C. traffic camera at the busy intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Calvert Street reads in Arabic "Allah Akbar." Followed by the word "ISIS," referring to Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militants.

"What would lead someone? I didn't know. People are nuts," one man said.

Photos of another, nearly identical, tag were Tweeted in late September just south of Dupont Circle. That graffiti has since been removed.

"It probably was a prank. I'm not going to announce it to anybody if I actually plan on doing something," a man said.

"Whoever did that I think is supporting ISIS. I don't think it's a prank," another man said.

The FBI released a statement, saying "we are aware of the graffiti and the photos of it appearing on social media sites. We urge anyone who sees suspicious activity or if anyone has any information about this vandalism to report it to the local authorities or to the FBI."

But why "Allah Akbar?"

"Allah Akbar means God is great," said Nihad Awad, with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Awad says American Muslims totally reject ISIS and its twisted interpretation of Islam. He suspects the graffiti was a prank, or a ploy to drum up fear.

"I don't think the handwriting is authentic. It could be like someone is copying it," Awad said.

No matter the motive, many say the message is unsettling.

"It shows that they wanted somebody to see it. They wanted to be known. You don't put a piece of graffiti up somewhere so that nobody sees it," one man said.

This summer, the Secret Service investigated a photo on Twitter that showed an ISIS flag in front of the White House with a message that said "we are in your state, your cities and on your streets."

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