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Investigation prompts lockdown at Kenwood High School

Investigation prompts lockdown at Kenwood High School
Investigation prompts lockdown at Kenwood High School 02:15

BALTIMORE -- Kenwood High School was sent into lockdown on Friday afternoon after police responded to a potential threat of an armed person inside the school. 

Carl Armstrong, the school's principal, said the lockdown was issued around 11:08 a.m. after a report that someone in the building may have been in possession of a weapon.  

School resources officers and Baltimore County Police responded and arrested a suspect in the auditorium, but no weapon was found.

The lockdown was lifted after the suspect was removed from the school, officials said.  

While there was ultimately no threat to students, staff, and parents -  the prospect of violence was startled the Kenwood High community.  

Dramatic video showed students running out of Kenwood High School as police tactical units responded to a potential threat of an armed individual inside the school. 

"It was a little traumatizing because it has never happened before, at least while I was here. A lot of people were scared. A lot of people were crying," said tenth grade student Elijah Jones.  

Some students evacuated the building, while others were told to shelter in place as the school went into lockdown. 

Baltimore County Police say tactical units and K-9 units entered the school.

"I was in bed taking a nap with my daughter. I get a call about it, it's scary. It really is," a parent told WJZ. 

Some Kenwood students told WJZ that they are scared to go to school.    

Armstrong addressed parents of Kenwood High in a letter, saying, "Ensuring the safety of our students and staff is our top priority, and we are grateful for the swift response of BCoPD and their efforts to keep our school safe. As with this case, it is important for all of us – students and parents alike – to inform school staff any time you or your child sees, hears, or reads anything that is suspicious or that may pose a threat to the school or its students."

Counselors will be available to speak with students and families who would like additional support.     

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