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No Charges In Levy Case, Hopkins Doctor Suspected Of Recording Patients

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A year-long criminal investigation into the Johns Hopkins gynecologist accused of recording patients during exams comes to an end.

No criminal charges will be filed, but it is the beginning of a class action lawsuit.

Rochelle Ritchie sat down with the attorney behind that lawsuit.

Thousands of women are named in the lawsuit. The perpetrator, Dr. Nikita Levy, committed suicide in February of last year and had almost 13,000 patients while employed at Johns Hopkins.

Attorneys say the FBI and the Baltimore City Police Department have determined no criminal charges will be filed against any individuals at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Attorney Jonathan Schochor is now moving forward with a class action lawsuit involving thousands of patients.

"The class action now involves 10,000 participants," he said.

Investigators say Levy used a pen camera to record exams at Johns Hopkins' East Baltimore Medical Center.

The FBI searched through thousands of images on Levy's computer. Those images are now sealed.

WJZ conducted its own search and found the well-respected gynecologist had no complaints on his medical file.

"Looks can be deceiving," one patient said.

Schochor says the women in the lawsuit do not have to prove they were victims in order to be included in the suit.

"The basis of the lawsuit involves these women's reactions to learning of the breach of faith and the breach of trust on the part of their OBGYN at Hopkins," Schochor said.

Tyesha Bell is one of Dr. Levy's possible victims included in the lawsuit.

"It is very unnerving that I possibly could be directly affected. It's sickening," Bell said.

Schochor says Johns Hopkins is cooperating with the investigation as the civil suit now moves forward.

"Hopkins and the plaintiff's steering committee will try to attempt to resolve this litigation through mediation," he said.

Schochor says he anticipated no criminal charges would be filed because Levy committed suicide.

Levy had been employed at Johns Hopkins since 1988.

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