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Importance Of Keeping Your Kids Busy And Active This Summer With Summer Camps

Summer is quickly approaching and for us parents, that means we need to figure out what we are going to do with our children every day when we are at work. It seems as if in the summer parents tend to have too much to do and our kids don't have enough to do. Not only is it important to keep our children busy and active over the summer for their minds it is also important for their overall physical well-being. Promoting physical activity in children at an early age is extremely important to help them develop the habits and skills needed to remain active throughout their entire lives.

There are so many reasons why being physically active is so important for our children. Physical activity helps children build strong bones and muscles, it promotes healthy growth and development, it helps develop skills and improve balance, it helps children maintain and achieve healthy weight, and lastly it helps to improve a child's self-esteem. As parents we can do fun activities with our children to get them more active such as jumping jacks, going to the park and climbing on the jungle gym, taking a walk, going for a swim or playing tag. You can also turn physical activity into a fun "Family Fitness Night." We do this at my house and my children love it because not only are we doing something as a family but we are all working out together which makes fitness fun.

At Merritt Athletic Clubs we provide children with daily opportunities to be physically active in a safe and engaging environment. We provide this opportunity for our young ones by offering Summer Camps. Our Summer Camps begin in June and run through August. The goal of our camps are to help children grow personally, improve personal and social relationships, appreciate diversity, develop specific skills, remain physically active throughout the summer and most importantly to have fun. Our camps are also designed to help improve a child's self-esteem. We offer a wide variety of camps in order to appeal to all ages, genders and personalities. For parents our camps provide a peace of mind that our children are engaging in safe activities that will better their overall well-being.

Physical activity in children is so important. When kids move they feel good. When our children are happy we as the parents are happy because we only want what is best for our children at all times. Why not get our children involved in something that could benefit them and change their lives forever. Enrollments have already begun for the 2014 Summer Camp Season. For more information, reach out to Maria Miller at Allow Merritt Athletic Clubs to provide your children with the best opportunity this year to get physically fit!

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