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Hyundai: #1 In Customer Loyalty

This article is provided and sponsored by the Baltimore Hyundai Dealer Group.

For the fourth consecutive year, Hyundai has taken home one of the most coveted automotive awards: #1 in Customer Loyalty.

More than any other award, being #1 in customer loyalty is a benchmark of all of Hyundai's efforts. While having magazines and companies grant Hyundai accolades for private testing and professional ratings on vehicles is a fine indicator of performance, having more drivers choose another Hyundai over the competition is the truest indicator of excellence.

While many of the auto industry's top players have found themselves struggling to retain customers, Hyundai has blazed a new trail and preserved its loyal customer base, now for four years in a row.

With innovative new model designs, more safety and control features than ever before, and an unrelenting effort to give their drivers what they want, Hyundai is poised to remain number one in the hearts of their drivers for years to come.

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