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Hurricane Matthew Changes Carnival Cruise's Course

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)-- The planned destination for the passengers leaving Baltimore was the Bahamas, but the activity of Hurricane Matthew changed course of that trip, sending the ship north and passengers are not happy with the events that followed.

What was meant to be a dream vacation aboard the Carnival Pride Cruise ship turned into a nightmare at sea.

"It's not the experience I signed up for," said one passenger.

Just before the cruise's passengers were set to sail from Baltimore on Saturday, they received an email saying because of Hurricane Matthew, they would not be heading to the Bahamas, but New York City, then to New Brunswick, Canada. Passengers soon found out, those plans too would be altered.

"We all have bathing suits, flipflops, sundresses. I'm walking around New York City in my husband's shoes with toilet paper stuffed in the toes," said Melissa Walker, a passenger on the cruise.

When the ship docked Tuesday passengers were then told they would not travel to Canada, instead remained docked in the Hudson River, bordering New York City, and will not head back to Baltimore until Wednesday evening.

Many demanded to know why they were not heading back sooner.

"If they're really concerned about out lives and the danger of the storm, we should be heading back now," said passenger Mike Neufeld.

A statement from Carnival Cruise stated: "Given the unpredictability of tropical weather systems, and with our guest(s) and crew safety as our foremost priority, we are taking a prudent course of action to keep the ship out of harm's way and provide our guests with a safe and enjoyable vacation experience."

Passengers waited in lines on the ship up to two hours looking for answers.

"We just want to go home at this point. There is nothing they can do to make this cruise, if you want to call it a cruise, better," said one passenger.

"I love New York, it's a beautiful city, but I did not pay $3000 to sit in a port for 48 hours," said another passenger.

The ship is set to head back to Baltimore at 5 p.m. Wednesday night and dock on Sunday.

Carnival tells WJZ in a statement that prior to the start of this trip, guests had the option of cancelling and receiving a full refund.

Those who stayed on the ship were given up to $250 on-board the ship and 50 percent off a future cruse.


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