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Summer Isn't Over Yet! Hot & Humid Weather Returns To Maryland

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Summer is not over yet! We are sweltering in September.

Linh Bui has more on how the heat forced many schools to close early.

It's still very hot and uncomfortable outside. Many local schools--not taking any chances-- were forced to close early.

It's nearly halfway through September, but the heat and humidity have returned.

"I was wishing summer would be over, and then at the last minute, it's like a thousand degrees outside," said Antonio Eason, Towson.

"I'm already sweating. And I've been out here one minute," said Amanda Esser, Towson.

"It's muggy. It's thick. It's hard to breathe," said Michael Rogers, Towson.

The temperatures were high enough to cancel class.

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Students in Baltimore City and County released two hours early.

"I think it was a great decision. It is hot out here. I even left work early," said Lynette Turner, parent.

Plus, all after-school activities were canceled.

"If they have air conditioning at home, let them go home and cool out," said Ariel Adams, parent.

Whether you're doing construction, out with friends or sitting on your stoop, it feels like the peak of summer.

"Couple days ago it was really nice. So it's a shock for it to be so hot now," said Aaron Herbert, Towson.

Temperatures are topping out between 90 and 95 degrees, but it's so humid that it feels like we're in the triple digits.

It's been a hot and dangerous summer. According to the Maryland Department of Health, there were 14 heat-related deaths in the state.

Many people WJZ talked to say they are ready for summer to end. Fall officially starts Sept. 22.

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