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Filipino Family In Baltimore To Hold Benefit Concert For Typhoon Victims

BALTIMORE  (WJZ) — Weeks after a destructive typhoon wipes out thousands in the Philippines, residents are still rebuilding. And Baltimore families are doing their part to help.

Christie Ileto explains a local family with ties to the victims is singing for a cause.

The Herrera family in the Philippines may have been spared by a lethal typhoon that claimed more than 4,000 lives, but the destruction it left behind is personal.

"The folks over there don't really have a whole lot. So when that's taken away, it really has an impact on them," said Mike Herrera.

Herrera and his wife, Veronica, were raised in the Philippines and are worried about the people in their homeland.

"The little villages that are very hard to reach is where my sister is going," Herrera said.

Their family members abroad are directly helping with relief efforts.

It's images of desecrated homes in Tacloban and stories of residents clinging to hope for survival that are inspiring the family's band, Oracle, to put on a benefit concert Friday at Blob's Park in Jessup.

"People are going to come out and have a great time and dance, and at the same time, support a great cause," a supporter said.

Event organizers were able to put the benefit on in just two weeks. The space for Friday night was booked solid, but the owner so willing to help the band's cause made it available.

Veronica Herrera is hoping for a good turnout.

"I can't guarantee because of the holiday, but I'm hoping a lot of supporters," she said.

The goal is that the proceeds from the concert won't just help rebuild the ravaged villages, but heal the heartache that's followed such tragedy and devastation.

To find out more about Friday's benefit concert or how you can help, click here.

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