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Hogan Wins Maryland Governor's Race

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Once considered a long-shot of defeating Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in the race for governor of Maryland, Republican Larry Hogan overcame the challenge and was elected to the state's top office Tuesday.

"What a historic night in Maryland," Hogan said Tuesday night from the Westin in Annapolis. "They said it couldn't be done here in Maryland, but together we did it."

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Hogan thanked Brown and O'Malley for their 8 years of service to the state.

"I just received a very gracious call from Lt. Governor Brown, he was very gracious and he congratulated me on being the 62nd governor of the state of Maryland," Hogan said.

He said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called him to tell him his win was the biggest upset across the country.

"I also received a great phone call from Governor Chris Christie and I want to thank Gov. Christie for bringing the cavalry from New Jersey. Now listen to this, the governor was so excited that we had the biggest upset in the entire country, that he wanted to fly his helicopter down here to be with us tonight," Hogan said.

He added this is "largest mandate for change in Maryland in 63 years."

"We have sent a loud and clear message to Annapolis that they have heard all across the country!" Hogan said.

Excitement had been building at the Hogan headquarters, after the governor-elect took a lead early in the race. For most of the night, Hogan had almost a 10 percent lead.

"Tonight the voters of Maryland rejected the politics of deception and division, tonight the voters showed that they were completely fed up with politics as usual," Hogan said. "Tonight Marylanders held our leaders accountable for eight years of failed economic policy and tonight countless Democrats crossed over and affirmed the wisdom of John F. Kennedy who said, 'Sometimes party loyalty demands too much.'"

Hogan thanked the citizens of Maryland who voted to change Maryland for the better. He added that he and Boyd Rutherford will start rolling back the 40 tax increases starting tomorrow.

"I want Maryland's future to be brighter than its past and its present." Hogan said.

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Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown conceded the race just after midnight on Tuesday.

"We fell short of our campaign goal, but it does not and cannot diminish the work that each and every one of you have done in the communities throughout the state," Brown said.

Hogan had 53 percent of the votes, while Brown's had 46 percent of the vote, when the race was called just after midnight.

"Larry and his team have a tough road ahead of them and I wish them luck as they travel that road," Brown said in his concession speech.

Brown thanked his supporters, staff and volunteers for their hard work. He also thanks his wife and his three children.

The mood at Brown's headquarters had been subdued for sometime as election results rolled in Tuesday night. Although many Democrats were in attendance for Brown's concession, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley was noticeably absent.

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