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Hogan Calls Trump's Proposal To Send Federal Law Enforcement To Baltimore 'Very Unusual'

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- Gov. Larry Hogan on Wednesday said he had not heard any specific plans about federal law enforcement agents coming to Baltimore two days after President Donald Trump suggested the possibility.

During a virtual board of estimates meeting, Hogan addressed the president's remarks about the protests happening in Portland, Oregon, during which Trump said he may send federal agents to Baltimore and other U.S. cities.

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"It's very unusual because Baltimore hasn't had these serious problems like violent protests," Hogan said Wednesday. "Right now there's nothing going on in the streets of Baltimore but sometimes very peaceful protests. I'm very proud of the way Baltimore has handled it."

The governor added his office hasn't heard any details about the proposal.

"I don't know what they would do if they came because we don't have any protests like you're seeing in Portland and Chicago and New York and places like that," he said.

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott said, "it is not helpful for the President to use [Baltimore] as a political prop to incite his base."

Scott released the following statement, saying in part:

"In these most challenging times, it is not helpful for the President to use our city as a political prop to incite his base, and I will not stand by as threats are made that impact the safety and liberty of Baltimoreans. As such, I have asked the City Solicitor to explore any actions the City can take to prevent the President of the United States from sending unwanted federal agents to Baltimore."

Wednesday afternoon, Trump and other officials announced "hundreds" of federal agents would be deployed to Chicago and other cities to fight crime as part of Operation Legend. Baltimore was not included in the list.

Two days prior, the president threatened to send federal agents to multiple U.S. cities, including Baltimore, telling reporters he was "gonna do something" following continued protests in Portland, Oregon.

"We are not going to let New York, and Chicago, and Philadelphia, and Detroit, and Baltimore, and all of these; Oakland is a mess, we're not gonna let this happen in our country," President Trump said.

The federal officials in Portland have done a "great job," Trump said, despite some state officials calling for them to leave following clashes with protesters, CBS News reports.


Following the president's comments, Sen. Chris Van Hollen filed a bill that would block federal agents from coming into cities without local leaders' approval.

"This would make it absolutely clear, the President of the United States does not have the authority to send secret federal police into a city without the consent of the mayor of a city or the governor of a state," Van Hollen said. "If the president wants to deploy federal agents to protect federal property in those areas, they can do that, but what happened in Portland goes way beyond that."

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