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Hogan Critical Of Vote Against Arming School Resource Officers, Calls Legislators 'Pro-Criminal'

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Gov. Hogan didn't hold back Monday in Annapolis, criticizing legislators who voted against arming city school police and mandatory minimums for repeat violent offenders, calling some of them "pro-criminal."

"Baltimore City, where most of the violent crime is taking place, is the only place in the  state where we're not allowing police officers- trained school resource officers- can not carry a weapon. It's crazy. This seems to be the most pro-criminal group of legislators I've ever seen,"

'Pro-Criminal' Baltimore Lawmakers Voted Down Armed School Police, Gov. Hogan Says

"This idea that more police, more guns is the solution for Baltimore city, if that's the governors approach or whomever's approach, so be it, what I will tell you is that in a year will be talking about a city that is just as violent as the city was the year before," said Del. Nick Mosby.

City Delegate Nick Mosby compared the governor's rhetoric to President Trump's, and argued police need more resources to close cases in a city with four straight years of 300-plus homicides.

"If you have the ability to go out and murder somebody in the streets of Baltimore city tonight, and get away with a three out of four times, that is a recipe for disaster. And, that is what we see playing out in the city of Baltimore," Mosby said.

Del. Talmadge Branch's grandson was murdered in Baltimore and was among those who voted to arm city schools police.

"Given what happened recently, not long ago, at Douglass High School, we haven't learned from that yet. So I was a little disappointed with the results of the vote, but I'm only one person, one vote," Branch said.

School Board Members Vote 8-2 To Support Bill To Arm Police In Schools

Meanwhile, Maryland's House approved a bill on Monday to ban 3D printed guns in Maryland, which Hogan viewed as a misplaced priority.

"No one's ever committed a crime in the history of the state with a 3D-printed gun. I mean, sure, let's do it. Let's step away from the copier. But, what are we gonna do about the people actually committing violent crime with real guns?"

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