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Historic African American Women's Golf Club Honored With Monument For Black History Month

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Pitch and Putt Golf Club of Baltimore is the second oldest African American female golf club in the country, and today they erected a monument symbolizing change in Charm City and nationwide.

The first day of black history month was commemorated with the unveiling of a monument packed with purpose.

"A lot of work needed to be done and to me, today says a lot of work has been done," said Mattie Gaines, a long-time golfer.

The Carroll Park Golf Course opened in Baltimore City in 1923 to whites only. For years, black golfers challenged the rule, and it was revoked and reinstated several times until the course was desegregated for good in 1948.

The Pitch and Putt Golf Club, an all-Black women's group, has been around for 83 years and has become a historic voice for the course. Their work in the face of adversity was recognized today.

"We look at the women part of this struggle, folks making sure African Americans could play golf and have the conditions be fitting for the community having this opportunity to demonstrate this progress is a great thing," said District 9 Councilman John Bullock

Gaines is a proud member of the club, and at 88 years old, she's still proudly playing the game she loves.

"Each time I leave the course there is one shot that brings you back," Gaines said. "You're trying to beat the people you're playing with, but you're trying to better yourself."

Bettering herself, touching the community, changing the world — that's what this group has done, and the legacy they leave behind is now etched in stone.

"It's a testament to the progress if you think about where we been where we're going, where we are now it's a reminder of success over time," Bullock said.

The golf club is always looking for new members. To learn more, visit their website.

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