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Police: No One Shot At Penn & North

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore's curfew is lifted, the National Guard is moving out and some peace is returning to the city. But Monday afternoon, tension boiled over in West Baltimore during a confrontation between police and an armed man.

Christie Ileto was there just after the chaos.

Chaotic moments after police say a gunshot was fired during an arrest at Penn and North avenues. Police say the suspect was armed.

"A very short, brief foot pursuit. He pulled a handgun, or tries to pull it out. There's a sound of a discharging, the sound of a weapon discharging. The police never discharged any weapons," said Lt. Col. Melvin Russell, Baltimore Police Department.

Police say the suspect's revolver went off. Despite conflicting reports, officers say no one was injured.

But this only heightens tensions between residents and police in an area once at the center of last week's riots over the death of Freddie Gray.

"The city's trying to heal from the Freddie Gray incident." one man said.

Fortunately, this latest incident didn't snowball into something far worse. And for many people who live here, they say they're trying to move forward, trying to heal.

Religious groups walk the intersections, while some residents find peace with murals popping up around Sandtown, where Gray was arrested.

"It's always a reminder. It's sad to say it could be any one of us--black or white--but it's a good reminder," said Smitty Robinson.

As for Monday's incident, the uninjured man was seen leaving the hospital.

That individual now faces gun charges.

State Senator Catherine Pugh visited the scene. She says police did a good job defusing tensions after the incident.

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