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Haynie & Zinno Power Rankings Week 4

Here are the best power rankings in the business. Just ask us!


1. TEXANS – Have won the last 10 games started by Matt Schaub by a total of 160.

2. FALCONS – Winning close games is important in the NFL, especially in your division.

3. 49ERS – Traveling east will not affect this team. It will help in January.

4. RAVENS – Winning on short week is tough. Now need to back it up on long rest.

5. CARDINALS – Escaped with a win. Don't have to apologize for being undefeated.

6. PATRIOTS – Order may have been restored. And Brady is starting to get hot.

7. EAGLES – still wonder how they are 3-1. They won't apologize for it either.

8. BEARS – solid win in Big D. Speaking of big "D" … theirs looks stout as ever.

9. PACKERS – badly needed that win at home. They may start a run here soon.

10. CHARGERS – What slow start? An early lead in that division is huge.

11. GIANTS – they can't beat the Eagles, but they should have beat the Eagles.

12. VIKINGS – don't think anyone predicted this start, especially in the NFC North.

13. BENGALS – three wins have been against Skins, Jags, and Browns.

14. STEELERS – Experienced teams usually play well out of the bye week.

15. BRONCOS – that's the offense we thought we'd see. Peyton looked like himself.

16. REDSKINS – RG3 good. Billy Cundiff bad. Redskins 2-2. Not sure what to think.

17. COWBOYS – that was brutal. I'm not giving Romo a pass either. Play better guy.

18. BILLS – what the hell happened after halftime on Sunday? That was ugly.

19. SEAHAWKS – after the gift in the Monday night debacle, they stunk in St. Louis.

20. LIONS – where is the offense? Where is the defense? What happened?

21. PANTHERS – a game they could have won, should have won, but didn't win.

22. JETS – a lot more problems than solutions. A lot more injuries than solutions too.

23. RAMS – Jeff Fisher finds ways to win. He's always got a trick up his sleeve.

24. BUCCANEERS – they fight, fight and fight. But they are still not winning.

25. COLTS – their focus isn't even football right now. Prayers for Chuck Pagano.

26. SAINTS – they are in games, just not winning them.

27. TITANS – Locker is on the shelf and the defense is horrible right now.

28. CHIEFS – they run the ball really well.  That's about it.

29. DOLPHINS – their offense looked good and Tannehill looks like he can play.

30. JAGUARS – plenty of good seats available for their next home game on Sunday.

31. RAIDERS – wow they got whooped up on. Carson Palmer needs to be consistent.

32. BROWNS – playing on a short week can't help a team that needs all the preparation it can get.


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