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Harford County Humane Society At Capacity, Adoption Fees Reduced To $12

FALLSTON, Md. (WJZ) -- Any of the dogs at the Harford County Humane Society Monday could be yours for a steep discount. If dogs aren't your thing, maybe a cat will do the job. Perhaps a rabbit or a bird!

HCHS is experiencing an overflow of these animals during a time when they're trying to get people to adopt instead of shop. 

Marketing Coordinator Erin Long said she can't find a particular reason they're at capacity.

"We can't really figure out or pinpoint one thing that it's due to, but we've definitely seen more animals being surrendered," she said. 

Long says the Humane Society is desperate for adopters to come out and fall in love with these animals, but they're running a new promotion to speed up the process. This month, every animal in the shelter is $12, which covers vaccinations, microchips, spay/neuter and more. 

Last month when WJZ visited these 4 legged friends, the shelter had already lowered its adoption fee to $25. Weeks later, the shelter has more than halved the price to send their pets to a loving home. 

"We have animals that are going to be very playful and very interactive with you," Long said, petting a cat. "Then we have animals that are just as comfortable just curling up on the couch with you."

At the end of 2020, 90% of the more than 2,100 homeless animals that came through the shelter found placement. All they need now is you. Anyone interested in adopting can visit the shelter's website.

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