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'A Dire Situation In Haiti' Members Of Lutheran World Relief Assist Families Recovering From Earthquake

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The situation in Haiti growing more dire tonight after a devastating earthquake. Rescue crews are scrambling to find more survivors as Tropical Depression Grace threatens more flooding and damage.

But Haiti isn't dealing with all this alone -- help is pouring in from across the country including, right here in Maryland. It's a desperate search for survivors through piles of devastation.

"People have been seriously affected they have lost their homes," said Akim Kikonda with catholic relief services.

More than 1,400 people are dead after a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti over the weekend.

"People need food right now they don't have anything to put on the table," said Kikonda.

Akim Kikonda with Catholic Relief Services said his team is stationed near the earthquake's epicenter he said. On top of the severe damage, hundreds of thousands of survivors are sleeping out in the open.

"They have no food, no hygiene items, schools were destroyed. Churches even infrastructure some roads were completely blocked," said Kikonda.

So far, they've been able to distribute hygiene kits and construction equipment to more than 200 people and they're not the only ones helping out. In Prince George's County, one local church is accepting donations to send overseas.

"Clothes, canned food, waters," said Mesidor, the assistant pastor with Eglise Baptiste Du Calvaire.

With a country already battling COVID, hospitals are overwhelmed.

Glenn Bouchard with the Lutheran World Relief said his team in Haiti is working to bring life-saving supplies to those desperate for help.

"There are huge medical needs, people who are wounded who are needing care," said Bouchard.

But through devastation comes hope. Bouchard said together, Haiti will get through this.

"The Haitians are proud strong people, they just need a little help," said Bouchard.

This quake is another major setback for a country that hasn't fully recovered from the 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 220,000 people and a nation still reeling from the assassination of Haiti's president just one month ago.

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