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Growing Concern In Dundalk Community After Man Beaten By Group Of Teens

DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) -- Vicious attack. Growing concern in one Dundalk community after a 61-year-old man is beaten by a group of teens. Now residents are demanding answers.

Rick Ritter has more from those who live in the Harbor View community.

This is a community where residents say after their neighbor was nearly beaten to death, they're scared to leave their homes, unable to enjoy their lives and are pleading for something to be done.

Frightened for their lives, the Harbor View community in Dundalk is living in fear.

"This community has gotten worse as time goes by," said Judy Rosco.

"We're scared to death. Most of us are older people," said John Reinsfelder.

All because of a video--the footage making many sick to their stomachs.

Richard Fletcher, 61, was viciously beaten in front of his 45th Street home.

"A pool of blood from the front door all the way into the kitchen," said Reinsfelder.

Police tracked down the suspects from the video, charging some of the Baltimore Community High School students with attempted first-degree murder--students they say have been wreaking havoc along their streets for years.

"They throw trash, they spit, they holler," said Rosco.

Members of the Dundalk community met Monday night, voicing their frustrations, trying to find ways to deal with the school.

Some want it closed. Others say they've had these meetings before.

"I've seen no progress whatsoever," said Reinsfelder.

Neighbors say right after the beating, security was high in the community, with officers and teachers on every corner. But since then, incidents are still unfolding.

"I had an incident on Friday. And if they were bused or if these teachers were walking them, the incident would never have happened," said Rosco.

Some feel it's already too late.

"What are they going to do? The damage is done now," said Don Crockett, who used to live in Dundalk.

But fear without help, things will turn deadly.

"It's going to get worse now. People have now had enough," said Reinsfelder.

WJZ reached out to Baltimore City schools. They say they're working with community leaders and local lawmakers on the neighborhood.

Baltimore Community High School is tentatively scheduled to close in 2017.

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