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Gov. Larry Hogan Announces Vetoes And Bills He Won't Sign

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan on Friday announced vetoes of measures the General Assembly presented to him last week, as well as some of the bills that were passed and will go into law without his signature.

The legislature, which is controlled by Democrats, has until midnight Monday to override the Republican governor's vetoes. The General Assembly needs a three-fifths vote in both houses to override a veto. Here is a look at some of the bills that have been vetoed, as well as some that will take effect without Hogan's signature:


Hogan has vetoed a bill to create a paid family leave program in the state. Democrats, who control the legislature, passed the legislation with enough votes to override the veto.


Hogan announced he will veto a bill that would expand access to abortion by enabling nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform them and requiring most insurance plans to cover abortion care without cost. The legislation was approved with enough votes to override the veto.


A bill that sets accelerated greenhouse gas reduction goals and takes a variety of steps to slow climate change will take effect without Hogan's signature. The bill would speed up Maryland's current goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 40% of 2006 levels to 60% by 2031. It also sets a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045 in the state.


A bill requiring the state pension system to consider the potential impact of climate change when managing the assets of the system also will go into law without Hogan's signature.


Legislation that would begin implementing recreational marijuana, if voters approve a constitutional amendment in November, will go into effect without Hogan's signature.


The governor has vetoed a bill that would prohibit a law enforcement officer from conducting custodial interrogation of a child, unless the child has consulted with an attorney. A separate measure that generally says a child younger than 13 will not be subject to the jurisdiction of juvenile court for delinquency proceedings and may not be charged with a crime, will go into effect without his signature.


A measure to ban so-called 'ghost guns,' which do not have serial numbers, will go into effect without Hogan's signature.


Hogan has vetoed a bill that requires firearms dealers to have security measures in place at stores.


A bill to require the state's Medicaid program to provide medical care to pregnant immigrants who would qualify, if not for their immigration status, and their babies will go into effect without Hogan's signature.


A bill to increase funding for state parks will go into law without the governor's signature.


The governor vetoed a bill that repeals a provision of law providing that a county health officer serves at the pleasure of the health secretary and county officials. It creates hearing requirements related to a removal of a health officer from office.


Hogan has vetoed a bill that enables a state labor department official to issue a stop-work order for a work site where the official determines a contractor may have violated prevailing wage requirements.

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