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Glenn Younes: Ravens 2013 Holes Filled

Now that the most obvious hole is filled for the 2013 Baltimore Ravens (LT Bryant McKinnie) it's time to fully assess the offseason post Super Bowl.

Bryant McKinnie
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No matter how great the front office is, and it's great, no team can be perfect... but Baltimore did an extraordinary job during free agency, the draft and post draft signings. The purge after hoisting the Trophy was painful no doubt, so is the dentist. A needed task to make sure we can continue to eat. Same in football. The heart will get you out of a job and hungry, the head (make hard but smart decisions) will keep you fed and in the Ravens case fed well. So here we go with the breakdown.

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
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1. Locking up Flacco. Don't worry about the cost, it's a good deal he got. His Super Bowl MVP helped that money rise but it's structured to protect the team, after 3 years it will be restructured.

2. Elvis Dumervil: what a present dropped into the lap of the Ravens brass... BUT give them credit on at least two fronts. First, they had the space to go get him after the aforementioned purge. Second, to close the deal and having coaches on staff that are good men with prior relationships with him helped seal the deal.

3. Big Mac: need I say more than in the two years he's been on the roster they've had 2 AFC Championship appearances, a Super Bowl victory and an over all record of 22 & 10. After paying Flacco the world a guy to protect the Bling Side was key.

4. Matt Elam: the Rookie safety from Florida will do his level best to fill the shoes of maybe the greatest safety ever. While that may never happen there is a star in the making with Elam

 Matt Elam #31 talks with Kyle Juszczyk #40
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

if the masses are correct in his abilities.

Arthur Brown: Same as Matt Elam, Brown has the task of filling the spot held by simply the greatest ever at his position. Inside linebacker is an ever

important position due to the heavy TE mismatch NFL offense that is run. And run Brown can do, sideline to sideline he's a burner. Tackling machine despite being undersized. Remind you of anyone??

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

Chris Canty: I love the addition of the former Cowboy who will fill in as a nice piece to a much more stout line defensively. He adds a huge presence physically in the locker room and a much needed grizzled Vet too.

Many other additions to get into but these are a few that will help keep the Ravens competitive this season and for ones to come.

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