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Glenn Talks About The Ridiculous Standards That Adam Jones Is Held To

Glenn Talks About The Ridiculous Standards That Adam Jones Is Held To

Tonight on the Glenn Younes Show, Glenn discussed the Orioles struggles in the past 8 games.

First he touched on Zach Britton's lack of ability to go deep into games. He talked about how Jim Duquette has noticed some minor flaws in Britton's delivery.

"He's bouncing on the mound with his lead leg after a delivery which inhibits his ability to field his position. And also keep the ball down in the strike zone as much as he needs to because he's hopping on a stiff lead leg."

Then Glenn looked at the silver linings in the Orioles season so far.

"Let's appreciate the run and the competitive team the Orioles are fielding. It's nice to live and die by every game but there are far too many ups and far too many downs and it's a far too long of a season for us as a fan base to live with every single swing and at bat."

After that he spoke about Adam Jones' lack of patience at the plate and how Orioles fans hold him to ridiculous expectations.

"We as fans think about this like its football. We look at it like its only 16 games on the year…baseball is a game of losing."

"You cannot be that emotional day to day and you can't take it out on your superstar."

"Could he be more patient at the plate? Yeah, probably. Can we stop the hysteria? Can we stop holding Adam Jones to standards that don't exist?!"

"It's okay for Matt Wieters to hit .238, but Adam Jones can't hit .288?!"

"I don't want to smash Matt Wieters, but he gets a free pass in comparison to how much crap Adam Jones takes."

Listen to the full rant here and follow Glenn Younes on twitter @gunitradio and use the hashtag #GYshow

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