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Glenn Doesn't Buy The Banana Excuse

Glenn Doesn't Buy The Banana Excuse

Glenn Younes started off tonight's show with a rant about the fan who threw a banana at Adam Jones in center field.

Glenn isn't buying the story that the fan got mad at the 10-2 loss to the Orioles and grabbed a banana off a food cart and threw it on the field. "You buy that? You buy that this guy tossed a banana onto the field in anger just randomly? First off, how far does one need to throw a banana to get it close to the outfield?"

Glenn doesn't even believe that someone could throw a banana that far without it ripping apart. "Do you know how hard you would have to throw that banana? It would rip apart!"

Glenn went on to say that he can't believe there was a banana cart nearby. "Where was the catering cart?! Who puts catering carts filled with bananas three rows from the outfield?!"

He wants to believe this ridiculous excuse, but there is no proof yet. Glenn demanded to see the security footage. "I want the video! I know you're stadium has cameras and I know it's not a big deal. But this dude came out with a very extravagant excuse and if I'm going to buy it, I want to see proof."

Listen to the full rant in all of its hilarity here and follow Glenn on twitter @gunitradio and use the hashtag #GYshow.

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