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Glen Burnie Woman Appears On 'Price Is Right'

GLEN BURNIE (WJZ) -- A Glen Burnie woman with a knack for saving money wins big on a national game show that airs on WJZ.

Christie Ileto catches up with "The Price is Right" winner, who says pricing those items is much harder than it looks.

Dana Hardy is reliving her big win on CBS' game show "The Price is Right" Wednesday, front and center from her living room couch.

"I'm so excited, I couldn't believe it," she said.

Hardy traveled west for a friend's birthday, not knowing she would be the one bringing home the presents.

"It was nuts, and then people are slapping you high five and everything, patting you on the back on the way down," she said.

But once Hardy, who's known as a coupon connoisseur at home, took the national stage, she was stumped.

"This lady in line was telling me the game she hates the most is this is game called 'Lucky 7,' so when I saw that game come up I was so worried," said Hardy.

After guessing her favorite number, she won a car and an elliptical.

Among some of her many talents, Hardy runs an extreme couponing blog. But did she have a leg up when she was pricing some of those items on the game show?

"My mind is focused on my 'buy now' prices," Hardy said. "It was very challenging for me to think what is the actual retail price."

Even her boyfriend is shocked.

"It's like a one and a million chance, and turns out she did," Richard Gordon said.

Hardy's luck ran out in the final round, but she can say she was on "The Price is Right," and that's good enough for her.

And after Hardy does all the paperwork, she should be getting her prizes in the next couple of months.

And you can look for Hardy cruising around in that red Chevy she won. This isn't the first time she's been on TV. She also appeared on the show "Extreme Couponing."

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