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Gift Guides: The Best Subscription-Based Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift is a tedious, time-consuming process, and sometimes, running around to a million stores just isn't feasible. Luckily, the 21st century has come to the rescue with subscription-based services that can act as your guide to the best gifts of the year.

So whether you procrastinated gift shopping or have simply exhausted your list of gift ideas, here are some of the best subscription-based services to give as gifts to friends, family and loved ones this holiday season.


Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane (Photo Credit: Citrus Lane)

Do you know a new mommy or do you have a little one who doesn't know what she wants for Christmas? With Citrus Lane, a monthly box of the best, hand-picked products and toys for your child's specific age will be sent, making each month like Christmas. Ranging from toys to books, Citrus Lane provides families with items they've never heard of that are sure to surprise and excite the little ones in your life.


Clubs Galore

Cocktails (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Clubs Galore is massive! The subscription site lets you pick from 39 different clubs including wine, college care packages, chocolate, and tequila, and then lets you customize how often the packages are delivered and for how long.

So if you want to send your mother a new sample of the best "Bath & Body" products every other month for two years, you can do that.  Your mother definitely deserves a personal retreat every now and then, and this gift is the perfect way for her to get away in her own home.

Let's say your best friend is the party planner in the group.  Try sending her the "Cocktail Party" monthly gift, which is sure to help get the parties started in the future.

It isn't difficult to find the coffee lovers in your life, and Clubs Galore makes gift shopping for them that much easier. With the "Coffee" monthly gift, you can keep your caffeine addict happy, wired, and powered with some of the best coffees from around the globe.

Everyone loves a free meal, including your friends, family members and significant other. Spoil them a little with the "Dinner" subscription that sends them to dine at a pre-selected restaurant that you choose.  The recipient will get a gift card each month to the restaurant you select, making it a gift for the true foodie.



Graze (Photo Credit: Graze)

A little afternoon pick-me-up can spark major improvements in productivity, so giving snacks as a gift could actually have other positive, long-term effects. With Graze, you select the snacks that the recipient enjoys, Graze selects a box of four inspired, nutritious snacks, and your recipient gets a box delivered to their home or work. Give the gift of Graze to a co-worker or two; it could make a world of difference.


Soul Socks

Socks (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Socks are the underdogs of men's apparel. The right pair can instantly save, refresh and revamp an entire outfit. Sign up and Soul Socks will send a pair of one-of-a-kind, Pima cotton dress socks each month.  As an added bonus, Soul Socks also donates a portion of the proceeds they receive to a charity focused on prepping student to enter the job market.  Not only could you change an outfit, you could change a life; and isn't that the true spirit of the holidays?


Shawn Thomas write Lifestyle & Entertainment content for CBS Local.  Follow him on Twitter.


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