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Gay Marriage Opponents Have No Plans To Pull Ad Featuring Gallaudet Official

WASHINGTON (WJZ)—There's more fallout in the Gallaudet University controversy over the suspension of an administrator who signed the same-sex marriage petition.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains this time it's over a campaign ad.

Dr. Angela McCaskill says signing the same-sex marriage petition does not mean she's for or against same-sex marriage.

"No one has the right to decide what my signature meant," McCaskill said at a news conference.

Gallaudet University suspended McCaskill, and this Maryland Marriage Alliance ad warns that it could happen to anyone:

"She's not alone. When marriage has been redefined elsewhere, as Question 6 does, people who believe in traditional marriage have been punished."

"That kind of threat is real," said Derek McCoy, Maryland Marriage Alliance.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance is coming under fire for the ad by same-sex marriage supporters.

"They're playing dirty politics, and hopefully Marylanders won't stand for it," said Ezekiel Jackson, Maryland For Marriage Equality.

Gallaudet University wants the ad pulled, stating "our legal counsel is working to have the footage that is copyrighted by Gallaudet removed from the advertisement."

But the Marriage Alliance has no immediate plans to stop running it.

"We understand exactly where we are within our rights and within the legal use of that ad. That's not a question for us," McCoy said.

McCaskill's attorney says his client would like the ad to stop running as well.

"She has been neutral. She has not opined one way or another. The Marriage Alliance folks have taken a position for her. Well, that's the same thing Gallaudet did on the other side of the spectrum," her attorney Wyndal Gordon said.

While same-sex marriage supporters have condemned McCaskill's suspension, the ad escalates the debate over redefining marriage.

"I'm sure folks on the other side don't like the ad because it's telling the truth," McCoy said.

"I think it puts fear in the minds of those who might be undecided on the issue," Jackson said.

If McCaskill's case influences the same-sex marriage debate, it's certainly an unintended consequence on her part. Whether same-sex couples get married here next year is up to the voters.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance and Marylanders for Marriage Equality have both called for Dr. McCaskill's reinstatement.

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