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Gas Prices Spike Leaves Motorists Uneasy

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Earlier this year, it appeared gas prices were headed to record lows. Now, a recent spike has motorists wondering how high they might climb.

Tim Williams has more.

Maryland drivers will be digging deeper into their wallets to pay for gas. AAA Mid-Atlantic says prices have been rising steadily for about a month.

"I'm a college student, so I can't really work too often. I'm just trying to put gas in the car to get around. It's gonna be pretty hard," said one driver.

The national average for a gallon of regular self-service gas rose to $3.72 on Friday, five cents more than a week ago.

"Gas prices continue to rise. In the past week, they are exceeding 2011 levels. If this trend continues, 2012 could be the costliest year for gas prices," said Christine Delise, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Analysts say increased demand for gas around the world and tensions in the Middle East are reasons prices are rising.

"We may not hit $4 a gallon. It may be unlikely, except for some areas like New York and California that typically see higher gas prices," Delise said.

Drivers say they may have no control over world events but say they can control their own driving habits and spending.

"I just put in as much as I can afford to get me from Point A to Point B," said a driver.

"Once Labor Day hits, we do anticipate a decline in prices, as this is typically the end of the busy summer driving season," Delise said.

Analysts also warn that hurricanes have the potential to disrupt oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.

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