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Frosh Calls For Removal Of Talbot Boys Confederate Monument In Easton

EASTON, Md. (WJZ) -- Attorney General Brian Frosh called for the removal of the "Talbot Boys" statue, a Confederate memorial outside the Talbot County Courthouse in Easton on Wednesday.

In a statement calling for the statue's removal, Frosh noted the statue was erected decades after the Civil War ended, during the era of Jim Crow, and that many similar monuments to the Confederacy near government buildings and city centers to "reinforce the country's racial hierarchy and its rejection of the gains made during Reconstruction."

The "Talbot Boys" statue "serves as a painful reminder not just of the deadly acts many committed to supporting slavery and the degradation of Blacks," he added. "Worse, it suggests that these ideals are still endorsed within our most critical institutions. It is not simply a vestige of slavery and white supremacy from long ago, but a sign of enduring resistance to racial equality."

In May, the NAACP and ACLU sued the county to seek the court-ordered removal of the monument.

In August 2020, the Talbot County Council voted 3-2 to keep the memorial on the courthouse lawn.

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