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Freddie Gray Protests Turned Violent In Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- What started as a peaceful protest quickly escalated into a violent situation.

Christie Ileto has more.

"We will fight for Freddie Gray" was their message, but it was lost in the translation.

It was unclear if the group was part of the demonstration passing by, but they vandalized cars yielding to protesters while others protested peacefully.

"We have a long history of police brutality," said one protester. "It doesn't justify it all but what you got here is a lot of youthful energy that needs to be channeled but that is no justification for throwing bottles."

Individuals hurled objects at police dressed in riot gear. Officers made arrests.

"Unfortunately, there's half of us who want to be non-violent and there's the other half who'd rather do this by any means necessary," said one.

Cell phone video shows residents looting several local stores. A group of nearly two dozen targeted a 7-Eleven, looting the store of its goods.

"I'm mad as hell," said a protester. "We don't want to burn anything down."

Senseless destruction inflicted on the community that many call home.

Community leaders warned the peaceful protests could take a wrong turn and unfortunately that came to fruition.

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