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Former Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich's Comment About Shooting Britney Spears Resurfaces Following Release Of Docuseries

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A 2003 comment by the former Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich is once again making headlines. In part, she said she would, "if she has an opportunity, shoot Britney Spears."

From the Mickey Mouse Club to international superstardom, Britney Spears has been in the limelight for nearly 30 years.

Now, a recently released FX/Hulu docuseries, "The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears," is taking a look at her life, and the conservatorship she's been under since 2008.

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The documentary shows an interview by Diane Sawyer, in which she asked a question regarding a controversial comment made at a domestic violence conference in 2003 by the former First Lady of Maryland, Kendel Ehrlich.

"If I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would," Kendel Ehrlich said.

The comment was made in reference to Spears being a bad example for young women by being too sexual. Ehrlich later apologized.

"I really regret making the statement. It was offhanded, it was in just and it was inappropriate," Kendel Ehrlich said.

On Friday, Kendel Ehrlich tweeted a CBS article from 2003 that contains her original apology, but the world of social media doesn't seem eager to forgive.

One user responded, "It's from 17 years's not new...and it's not sincere."

That Twitter user was not alone. A lot of people said they wanted to hear a new apology. WJZ reached out to Kendel Erlich for comment, but have not yet heard back.

The docuseries is currently streaming on Hulu.

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