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Former Teacher's Influence Inspires Baltimore Educator To Teach

Anthony Calise has been working in education for 15 years. Having a very special gift for mathematics from an early age, Calise recalls being able to explain complicated ideas even better than most textbooks. He has always enjoyed helping students better understand mathematics, along with the vital importance math plays in life. Calise says it was his own high school math teacher who inspired him most, influencing his decision to want to become a teacher himself.

(Photo Courtesy of Anthony Calise)

Calise has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Towson University and an advanced degree in education from Loyola Marymount University. Throughout his career, Calise has taught at two high schools and four colleges. He also served as head of the Academy of Engineering at Lansdowne High School and ran the mathematics club/team. He has worked with students in video game design and has taught in science and social studies departments. He has as also worked in physics and psychology. He currently works at Owings Mills High School.

What are the responsibilities of your current teaching role?

"I am currently teaching Advanced Statistics, Honors Geometry and Algebra II. I incorporate technology into almost all of my lessons and have my students incorporating it into their projects and daily activities as well."

What is your favorite part about your daily duties?

"I enjoy thinking of new and exciting ways to get students engaged in the lesson and, not only learn the math, but enjoy what they are learning."

How has your education and training prepared you for your current role?

"When I graduated from college, technology wasn't as widely used in the classroom as it is today. So I did not learn a lot of what I am doing now from school. What I did learn was how to adapt teaching styles and how to explain [principles] in different ways in order to try and reach as many people as possible."

What do you do to continue your education and training?

"I am constantly taking classes to enhance my understanding of technology and incorporating these strategies in the classroom. I am active on many blogs and social media websites, sharing ideas with other educators on ideas that have worked and ones that did not work, to help gain knowledge on how to be a better educator. Teaching is one of many jobs where you will always have room to expand on your knowledge and become more efficient at your job."

Do you have any advice for others looking to enter this field?

"First, make sure it is a job you envision yourself enjoying; teaching is a profession that you must enjoy in order to maximize the students' learning. This is not a job you do for recognition, wealth, or relaxation. But it is a job that offers many great opportunities to positively impact children. That is something you cannot get in many other fields."

Laura Catherine Hermoza has a lifelong love for writing. In addition to serving as a contributor to various media publications, she is also a published novelist of several books and works as a proofreader/editor. LC resides in Baltimore County.

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