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Former Raven Terrence Cody Gets 9 Months In Animal Cruelty Case

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A former Baltimore Raven is behind bars after being sentenced in an animal cruelty case.

Pat Warren with the punishment for Terrence Cody.

Cody was found guilty of negligence in the death of his dog, Taz. The canary mastiff starved to death.

Terrence Cody arrived at court Thursday morning for sentencing in the case of his dog, Taz.

The former Raven nose tackle was indicted last year for animal cruelty and neglect after his canary mastiff died of starvation. It was barely breathing when he brought it to a vet.

"That dog didn't deserve what happened to it," said Baltimore County Assistant State's Attorney Adam Lippe.

Lippe tells WJZ this case represents the importance of caring for your animals.

"His celebrity status just meant that he should have known better. That was more of his problem than anybody else's. He was a guy that portrayed himself as knowledgeable about animals--he knew about animals, he's trained animals, he's owned animals--but he turned on this one dog," said Lippe.

Cody was convicted of neglect, and his attorney told WJZ on Thursday the court did not find him guilty of felony animal abuse because the court did not find his actions intentional.

PETA released the following statement:

PETA wonders how many times the NFL has to be asked to enroll its players in an empathy training program—and when cruelty to animals, children, and women will be grounds to be chucked out of the game? The Baltimore Ravens cut Terrence Cody over cruelty allegations last year, which is to the team's credit, but it seems that even if Cody had been caught on tape starving his dog in an elevator, the NFL still would have welcomed him back. All eyes are on the NFL to make it clear that the gridiron should be home to compassionate players like Tyrann Mathieu, Jarvis Landry, and Stevie Johnson, not a breeding ground for bullies.

Cody's girlfriend was also charged and convicted of neglect.

The Ravens released Cody after he was charged.

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