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Former Raven Bernard Pollard Talks About His Time In Baltimore

Super Bowl Champion and former Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard Joined the Norris & Davis show.  Pollard was released after the season and joined the Titans on a one year contract.

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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Steve asked about Bernard's reaction to being released. He said it caught him by surprise a little bit but for the most part he understands it's part of the business.

Pollard said that it hasn't hit him that he is a Super Bowl champion yet and it sucks as a player to know he is going to go get his ring and see that he is not with his boys anymore.

Steve asked about how the his release went down. Pollard said that he has only talked with Ozzie and said that he really doesn't know or understand why they parted ways with him. However, he is at the point where he doesn't care anymore and is thankful to have found another job.

Bob wanted to know about going to the White House. Bernard said he isn't going to be attending the event. He said that he has a vacation planned at that time, but even if he didn't he wasn't going to attend anyway.

Listen to the full interview:

Former Baltimore Raven Bernard Pollard

Steve also asked if Bernard believes the story that Ozzie gave him. Pollard said he is the type of player who speaks his mind when asked.  He said he loves Ozzie and everything that he has done for him. Pollard also said he misses the guys and that he talks to them all the time.

Asked about the infamous "near mutiny" player meeting the Ravens' had following their regular season loss to the Texans Pollard said that the team had an open floor and let the coaches know what they thought.  Bernard said that the way it happened seemed like the best way to do things.  He says that he knows what happened and the person who leaked it should be ashamed.

Pollard also said that he sticks with his oft quoted statement about football not being around in 20 years because of the rule changes making the NFL like flag football.

Steve asked if he is a little bit sour with all the transpired. Bernard said that he isn't sour or bitter.  He said he already had the vacation planned and they just found out the date for the White House visit and his family comes first.  There are however a select number of people he doesn't really want to deal with, although he declined to mention them by name.

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