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Former Raven Bart Scott Talks AFC North And New Ring-of-Honor Member Todd Heap.

Former Raven Bart Scott Talks AFC North And New Ring-of-Honor Member Todd Heap.

Former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott joins the guys to talk some AFC football, including his thoughts on new Ring-of-Honor member Todd Heap.

"He reminds me of an all-American guy. When you think about Todd heap, he's the consummate professional, the perfect, All-American football player, and he was tough as nails," Scott said of his former teammate.

"Kyle Boller leaving him out to dry time and time again certainly didn't help. You could argue it actually took years off of his career," Scott added. Scott opened up a bit more regarding his Ravens career, recalling the most memorable hit of that tenure. "I definitely remember the sounds. It's the greatest hit in my career. I remember the sound of all the wind leaving his body. He's a hell of a competitor. You talk about a guy that players respect," Scott said of the hit on Ben Roethlisberger.

The former linebacker gave the guys his two cents about where the Steelers are today, as well.
"The Steelers fans were complaining about being old and slow, they replace it with young and fast. I see guys over-pursuing, playing with a lot of energy but not playing smart. That's what they're lacking right now." As far as Pittsburgh's rival in concerned, Baltimore is in great position to contend in the AFC North through the early goings.

"The running game [looks] strong. The secondary hasn't been great. I just see Andrew Luck running for his life and the [Ravens] being able to push the pocket and get to him early," Scott predicts.
"I like what Kubiak is doing with Flacco. I just wish they could get the young man Torrey Smith involved. I like getting the old guy some receptions but they need to get Smith Jr. involved."
Scott also had some strong thoughts on the New England Patriots' troubles of late.

"Not going to lie--the Patriots' struggle gave me a happy feeling inside," Scott admitted. "This is the difference in the organizations, Mathis has been having a tough go of it, but the Colts gave him an extension and rewarded his hard work. But the Patriots don't run that way." "Look what they did to Vince Wilfork—he's done so much for them, yet they fought not to pay him. Why would hurt players tough it out for them? They know they won't get paid when they do." And of course, before he left, the guys asked Scott (a Detroit native) who he's got winning the series against the Orioles.

"I have to roll with my Tigers. These guys have been knocking on the door for a long time. It's time for them to figure it out. I think Verlander will bounce back. He just needs to stay off the internet."

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