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Former Governor Ehrlich May Give Romney Boost In Primary

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—On Tuesday's primary, Maryland may help give Mitt Romney what he says he is: the nominee most likely to challenge President Barack Obama.

Alex DeMetrick explains Romney is ahead in the polls here and in Wisconsin. His win could lift other boats, including Maryland's former governor.

When Maryland Republicans packed a hall in Arbutus last month, it took organizing.

As Mitt Romney's Maryland campaign chairman, former Republican governor Bob Ehrlich helped shine a spotlight on more than himself.

"This area is often overlooked, but I contribute that to Bob Ehrlich and his stronghold in this area as far as Republicans goes," said Charles Johnson, Maryland Republican.

"Bob Ehrlich is increasing his influence in Maryland.  I don't know to what end. The kind of Republicans that vote are comparable, are similar to Governor Ehrlich," said Dr. Richard Vatz, Towson University.

Vatz, a political communications professor, thinks that's one reason why Romney is ahead in the polls in Maryland and while early voting was light.

Having a Maryland Republican primary in play is welcome.

"Yes, and I hope it continues," said one voter.

"Well tomorrow counts and tomorrow is relevant, and we're typically not acclimated to that status," Ehrlich said.

Life after the primaries could mean a higher national visibility for Ehrlich if Romney captures the presidency.

"I think that Romney might, in fact, look upon Bob Ehrlich if not as a future office holder, as someone he might want in his administration," Vatz said.

But it's the primary and the general election Ehrlich is currently focused on.

"We'll be on the road with him a little bit, doing a lot of TV for him. Whatever they need to get done I'm certainly available to do it," Ehrlich said.

Stay with WJZ for complete coverage of Campaign 2012. We will bring you the latest on the candidates and the results during Maryland's primary on Tuesday.

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