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With Football Season In Limbo, Local NFL Fans React

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The next NFL football season is in jeopardy. A lockout is official. Players are suing and fans are left with one big question: how long will the Ravens' stadium stay empty?

Adam May reports that fans aren't too optimistic.

"I think the whole season is gonna be out by the way it's looking," said Ben Rickert.

On Friday, negotiations between the NFL and players union on how to divide $9 billion in revenue came to a halt.

Significant differences continue to remain. Ten players, led by New England's Tom Brady, are now suing team owners in court, and the league imposed a lockout-- putting all off-season activity on hold.

"We offered to split the difference and meet the union in the midpoint," said Jeff Pash, NFL negotiator.

"We did offer some economic concessions, they rejected it. Said it's not enough," said Jim Quinn, union lawyer.

The last NFL stoppage was back in 1987, lasting 24 days and resulting in fewer games.

Fans seem split on who they blame.

"I mean, if I was making as a punter $300,000 a year, I'd be happy," said Ethan Schlegel.

"I think the owners have a responsibility to the players. I mean these guys are making billions of dollars, so you compare a couple million the players make to billions that an owner is making," said Ray Dixon. "He wouldn't be making that money if it wasn't for the player."

The court case could take a month to resolve. In the meantime, players and the team owners are not allowed to communicate, leaving many free agents hanging in limbo.

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