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'It's A Wonderful Way To Be A Blessing': First Fruits Farm Looking For Volunteers This Holiday Season

FREELAND, Md. (WJZ) -- First Fruits Farm in Freeland Maryland is 204 acres of charitable giving, helping put millions of pounds of produce on plates each year.

The non-profit Christian ministry farm was founded by Rick Bernstein and his wife 25 years ago.

"We grow food and give food away in Jesus name," said Berstein.

Over the years they've fed people from Baltimore, to South Carolina, even as far west as Oklahoma, by donating their harvest to local food banks.

"You know I don't live in West or East Baltimore, I don't live in Winchester, West Virginia, but we work with people there in their communities that are blessing people in their community," said Berstein.

This time of year it's all about potatoes, Bernstein estimates their harvest around 1.3 million pounds this year but they also grow things like broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes and cabbage.

It's all harvested by a team of volunteers like Joe Raab.

"I get to come out here as often as I can and actually be in the dirt and know that what I'm doing is actually feeding somebody," said Raab.

The work takes place year-round but is extra meaningful over the holidays.

This year, the Farm's Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway project will take place on Saturday, Nov. 20 in Park Heights and will serve 600 families a complete holiday dinner in a box.

First Fruits Farm donates 10-lb bags of potatoes and cabbage for each box, as well as covering the cost of the turkeys, while others provide additional ingredients to complete the meal.

If you're looking to volunteer, click here for more information.

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