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Fells Point Residents Respond Swiftly To Anti-Semitic Vandalism With Rainbow Hearts

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- First District Councilman Zeke Cohen brought attention to some fast-acting residents in Fells Point Wednesday, who responded to swastika graffiti on various locations on Fleet Street.

The neighbors decided to respond with a message of love. Rainbow hearts - particularly fitting for pride month - were painted over the symbols.

Cohen, who said he is the descendant of holocaust victims and survivors, said that "it was incredibly heartening to see our community unite to confront this hatred. We cannot allow fear, prejudice, division, and hate to win out. Healing requires an honest confrontation with racism and a commitment to unity."

Cohen also used the incident to bring attention to growing opposition to the teaching of critical race studies, saying that "Instead of viewing our challenges as an opportunity to heal and unite, some choose to seek further division."

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