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Feeling Crushed: Here's What Fans Propose The Orioles Do With Chris Davis

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --  Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis has had a rough start to the season, going hitless in 17 at-bats with 11 strikeouts. That continues a hitless streak stretching back to last September and puts him within striking distance of the MLB record for worst streak in league history.

With the slugger still owed in the neighborhood of $92 million by the team that will be paid out in installments through 2037, fans aren't exactly thrilled with the first baseman's performance. As always, they took to Twitter to express their displeasure, and quite a few offered suggestions -- albeit a bit farfetched -- for what the team should do with the struggling Davis. Here are some of the most frequent and interesting (and safest for work) ideas that fans had.

Matt went for the reasonable route saying that the team should designate Davis for assignment. That would make him eligible to be claimed on waivers by another team (unlikely) and if he cleared waivers, he would be able to be sent to the minors or flat released. Another user had a more....creative idea to fix the problem in the Orioles lineup at the moment.

So, in theory this would have Davis still play the field at first, but rather than hit, the team's designated hitter would take his place and the pitcher would get at bats. Arguably the most popular suggestion, however, seemed to be in the camp of the Orioles just flat out releasing Davis.

A different fan offered a theory on why Davis has struggled so mightily. Perhaps he's been favoring the wrong hand all these years.

When it comes to all the money that Davis is owed, some fans agree that he shouldn't be allowed to receive every penny, despite it all being guaranteed. That's led many fans to suggest he do a good deed and simply donate his paychecks until he gets it together.

And if worse comes to worst, perhaps the O's can keep the slugger around -- just in a different capacity.

Or, they could keep him in the field, since he does happen to be a decent fielder, but really use his at-bats to improve fan engagement at Oriole Park. At least, that's what this fan believes would be the next best solution, and a guaranteed way to get fans in the seats!

Another business-minded fan didn't have a suggestion for how the team should handle Davis' struggles, but he did come up with a solid side hustle.

Some fans even believe that Davis is committing a classic case of highway robbery. So, of course, perhaps he should be charged with a crime.

And of course, some folks believe the right thing for Davis to do amid all these struggles is to simply hang up the cleats and call it a career.

Finally, Jimmy from the Bronx believes that maybe all the pressure and criticism could be getting to Davis. Maybe he just needs a break. Let him take some time off and come back with a clear head.

Despite all the many suggestions being thrown around, not everyone is hating on a guy who was once third in MVP voting. Granted, that was in 2013, but plenty of fans believe in Davis and don't agree that all the negativity towards him is the way to go. For those fans, they'll be hoping that he'll figure it out sooner or later, and give all Orioles fans the happy ending they dream of.

Davis and the Orioles are in the midst of a four game set with the Yankees, first pitch in Saturday's game is set for 7:05 p.m.

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